X3 Parts

13T Steel Pinion Gear(for 3.5mm shaft)

X3 Rear transmission bevel gear x 2pcs

X3 Main Shaft 125mm x2pcs

Belt conversion Pack(for X3L)

X3 Main Rotor Head Spindle x2pcs

Ball Links Pack(4.8mm)

GAUI X3 Main Gear Washers / Shim Pack

X3 Torque Tube Set

X3 Washer Pack (W5.1x7x0.7)(W5.1x9x1.1)(W3.1x4.6x0.6)

Tail push rod (for Belt version)(for X3L)

X3 Tail Boom (Black anodized)(for Torque Tube version)x2pcs

X3 Tail Boom (for Belt version)(360L) x2pcs

X3 Tail Boom & Torque Tube Set

10T Aluminum Pinion Gear(for 3.17mm shaft)

Ceramic Coated Pinion Gear pack(12T-for 5.0mm shaft)

9T Aluminum Pinion Gear(for 3.17mm shaft)

Ball link screws x10pcs

4.8 Ball with Stand(2x8.5mm)x6pcs

4.8 Ball with Stand(2x7.5mm)x6pcs

X3 13T Front Transmission Gear Assembly

X3 CNC Swashplate Set

Ceramic Coated Pinion Gear pack(13T-for 5.0mm shaft)

X3 Tail Push Rod Set (for Torque Tube version)

X3 Torque Tube Bearing Holder Set