Tail drive pulley R30/50

Wash out set R30/50

Main Shaft Bearings d10 x D19 x W5 (2) + d8 x 16 x W5 (1)

Tail drive belt R30

Bearings 5x11x5mm (2)

Servo mounting plate R30/50/60/90

Tail Rotor Shaft R60V2

Bearings 6x15x5mm (2)

Tail rod guide Raptor 30-50-X50

Header Tank R30/50/60/90

Rear Tail Servo tray Carbon R60V2

Tail boom support R50 (Titanium)

Canopy R30/50

Thrust bearings R30/50 (2)

Main Rotor Pin R30

Tail control bushing R90, G4, E720

Metal tail pitch fork (R30/R50 and X50)

Carbon Tail Fin Set R50

Sus Linkage rod for R50T

Elevator push pull lever 30/50

Tail drive belt R50T

Bearings 4x7x2,5mm (4)

Nick-Contol-Arm-Set R30/50