Canopy holders LOGO 600

Canopy holders LOGO 500 / 600

Torque Tube with bearings, LOGO 800 XXtreme

Washer 10x16x0.2

Control sleeve for tail rotor shaft

Tail Rotor shaft, LOGO XXtreme

Blade holder 12 mm blade grip, incl. screws

Support for horizontal fin  25mm

Bladeholder screw LOGO 400, M3x24

Gear driver with pin LOGO 10/16/20

Linkage set for Trex 500 Vbar

Mainframe left LOGO 10/400 for midi servo size

Ball link 2,0 mm (20 pieces)

Paddles lightweight 4mm, 16g

Skid pipes LOGO 400

Pivot bolt swashplate M3x8 (short)

Ball links 2,5 mm (20 pieces)

Holder for torque tube, with ball bearing, LOGO 700

Rudder control guide for 22mm tailboom

Torque tube, full set, LOGO 700

Ball bearing 5x10x4 (2pc's)

Tail boom holder, dia. 22, LOGO 550 SX

Main rotor shaft 240mm, LOGO 700

Tailboom dia.25x755 mm, LOGO 600-3D