Tail Boom 25x900mm , LOGO XXtreme

Balls dia. 6mm with 3mm hole

O-ring distance ring, rotor head LOGO 500/600 SX

Vertical stabilizer neon red

Swashplate Driver for V-Bar head, dia. 10mm

Tail rotor control sleeve assembly, LOGO 700/800

Alu lever holder for carbon tailrotor

Herring bone main gear 153 teeth M07

Linkage set rotorhead, LOGO 700/800

Main rotor shaft 240mm, LOGO XXTreme 800

Yoke for V-Bar Rotorhead

Tail pitch plate with hinges

Bevel pinion torque tube, LOGO XXtreme

Tail rotor hub with thrust bearings (full-set)

Pin for metal swashplate

Drive pulley LOGO 500/600

Mainframe left LOGO 500/600

Mainframe right LOGO 500/600

Washer for blade holder 12mm

Shaft for Yoke (V-Bar head)

Blade holder extension Trex 500

Counterbearing 30mm for Motorshaft 6mm

Wire set antistatic

Carbon tail boom brace LOGO 600 SE