Distance ring main shaft, LOGO 600 carbon frame

Carbon control rod for tail LOGO 550 SX

Carbon tail boom brace LOGO 550 SX

Tail rotor clamps, 22mm tailboom

Carbon tail gearbox plate w ball bearing, LOGO 480

Carbon vertical fin with ball bearing, LOGO 480

Tail boom distance spacer, LOGO 700

Carbon horinzontal fin, LOGO 480

Tail boom brace, LOGO 480

Vertical stabilizer neon yellow

Horizontal stabilizer neon yellow

Tailboom 22x690mm LOGO 500 SE

Rotor head / counterbearing combo, LOGO 600 SE

Vertical Fin, LOGO 700 XXtreme

Rotorhead LOGO 550 SX

Tail Boom Brace, LOGO 700 XXtreme

Tail Rotor Carbon Rod , LOGO 700 XXtreme

Spacer for blade holder 14mm, LOGO 700 XXtreme

Canopy mounting parts, LOGO 700 XXtreme

Torque Tube with bearings, LOGO 700 XXtreme

Tail Boom 25x800mm , LOGO 700 XXtreme

O-ring damper set for LOGO 550 SX

Sideframe links, 1mm, LOGO 700 XXtreme

Sideframe right, 1mm, LOGO 700 XXtreme