Futaba 6K V2 Radio + R3006SB receiver (Mode2)

T8J+R2008SB 2,4GHz S-FHSS


Futaba T10J-R3008SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS

Futaba T3PRKA - 3 Channel 2.4G FHSS with R203GF receiver

Futaba T14SG+R7008SB 2,4 Ghz FASSTest

T16SZ + R7008SB 2.4 GHZ Mode 2


Futaba 18SZ + R7008SB receiver

Futaba FX22 Tx with Battery & Charge Lead

Wireless Trainer System 2,4 GHz

Charge cable Small (Futaba tx)

USB adapter CIU-2

Futaba Aero Deluxe Case Large

Nu slechts

Screen Guard (FUTABA 6 EXHP)

Nu slechts

Screen Guard (FUTABA 7 CHP)

Lithium Battery for 12FG 8FG (TX 7.2V 1700MAH)