X4 II CNC Tail Support Clamp(Silver anodized)

X4II-CNC bridging block (for motor mount & main shaft mount)

X4 II Tail Output Shaft

X4 II Main Gear Hub with One Way Bearing.

X4 II Gear Shaft(15T)

X4 II One-way sleeve

X4 II CNC Tail Pitch Slider Set (for 5mm tail output shaft)

X4 II Tail Pitch Control Lever Set

X4 II 61T Gear

GAUI NX4-X5-X7 Tail Boom Clamp

FORMULA CNC Main Grip Levers(X4.X4II.NX4.X5)

Stainless Linkage Rod Set (2x31mm) 4pcs

FORMULA CNC Washout Arm Assembly (X4.X4II.NX4)

Torque Tube Drive Gear Set

Tail Rotor Control Arm Assembly(X4,X4II,NX4,X5)

CNC Tail Pitch Slider (X4,X4II,NX4,X5)

Main Blade Linkage Rod (2x31mm)x2(2x23.5mm)x3

Stainless (4.8mm) Balls

4.8 Ball with Stand(3x7.5mm)x6pcs

Support Rods retainer

Extra Strong CNC Tail Pitch Slider Set(for 5mm tail output (for 5mm tail output shaft)

X4II Torque Tube Tail Boom Assembly(for 475L)

X4 IICNC Torque Tube with bearing (for 475L blades)

X4 II Tail Boom (Black anodized)(for 475L blades)