Tail Boom (for X5 Belt Version-Black anodized)

Tail Push Rod (2x 605 mm)

X5 Main Masts(8mm)

X5 CNC Torque Tube with bearing(for 500L blades)

X5 Skid Set(Silver anodized)

X5 Tail Output Shaft with Pulley

Tail Output Shaft and bevel gear set

X5 Main Blade Linkage Rod(2x49mm)x4

X5 Washer Pack (W6.2x7.5x0.5)(W6.1x10x1.5)(W4.1x10x1.4)

Thrust B. (T4x9x4)x2

One Way Bearing(12x18x16)

B. Pack (6x13x3.5)x4

4.8 Ball with Stand(2x7.5mm)x6pcs

X5 High Rigidity Brace Set(Black)

Tail Pitch Slider Set

4.8 Ball with Stand(2x8.5mm)x6pcs

X5 Brace Set

Damper rubber (Hardness 60)

X5 Washout Arm Parts

Socket Head Button Screw - Black (M2x3)x10pcs

120T Main Gears(Bevel)

Damper rubber (Hardness 95)

Tail Pitch Control Lever Set

Double Link(L-35)