Blade pico QX replacement props (4)

Motor : Pico QX (4)

Propeller Shaft, Carbon: mQX

Thruster Boom with Wiring (2): QX

Green Canopy: Nano QX

Yellow Canopy: Nano QX

Frame Support: Nano QX 3D

Propeller, Clockwise Rotation, White (2): mQX

Prop, Counter-Clockwise Rotation, Blk (2): Nano QX

Prop, Clockwise Rotation, Grn (2): Nano QX

Prop, Counter-Clockwise Rotation, Grn (2): Nano QX

Prop Clockwise Rotation Clear (2): Nano QX

Hardware Set: Chroma

Inner Shaft Main Gear with Hub and Screws, CX4

Props (4): Glimpse

Canopy,Blue: Inductrix FPV

Canopy,Green: Inductrix FPV

Clockwise Motor, Speed: Inductrix

Counter Clockwise Motor, Speed: Inductrix

Prop,CW & CCW Rotation, Gray: 350 QX

Prop,CW & CCW Rotation, Red: 350 QX

Landing Gear Set w/ Hardware: 350 QX

Landing Gear Set w/ Hardware, White: 350 QX

Tall Landing Gear Set: 350 QX2 AP