Receiver Battery RX-2000 4NH Flat / BEC plug

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4.8 V 2.0 Ah, with BEC connector.
Dimensions approx. 58 x 53 x 15 mm.
Weight approx. 117 g. 

NiMH receiver batteries, Ready to Go

  • Ultra-low self-discharge rate: after twelve months retaining approx. 35% of nominal capacity
  • Higher capacity compared with standard transmitter batteries
  • Reasonably priced, especially in comparison with LiPo batteries
  • High-quality gold-contact connectors
  • Fast charge capable
  • Receiver batteries fitted with heavy-duty 0.5 mm² conductors for high peak and continuous loads

Plug connector: BEC 
Width [mm]: 53 mm
Voltage [V]: 4,8 V
Height [mm]: 15 mm
Weight [g]: 117 g
Cell count NiMH: 4 
Overall length [mm]: 58 mm
Capacity [mAh]: 2000 mAh