CFC main blades 43 cm/10/3 Rapid FBL

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Rapid FBL CFC main blades 43 cm/10/3

New high performance carbon blades of Rapid line are designed for a wide range of RC Heli pilots from a beginner up to a professional 3D specialist.
Thanks to the extraordinary stiffness in bending and torsion, these blades have a steady performance and stability also in very hard 3D maneuvers.
The beginning pilot will appreciate the high resistance against small collisions.
Thanks carefully selected and precisely followed airfoil the Rapid blades works with a smaller aerodynamic resistance also at big angle of pitch, which means smaller power consumption.
It is a big value, at first for 3D flying, also the common pilots can fly longer time especially with electric powered helicopters.

Rapide rotor blades are manufactured in high precision hardened steel molds using highest quality prepreg carbon composites used in aerospace industry. Processing at high temperatures and pressures gives the material excellent mechanical properties and thermal and dimensional stability.
Production and processing after removal form the mold by machine method using CNC technology. This ensures maximum accuracy and stable production characteristics of the products with high and permanent quality with no difference between the products purchased with plenty of time.
The whole line of these blades has been intensively and thoroughly tested by the best pilots and carefully tuned for the best flight characteristics.
Strongly colored ends of the blades are beneficial for good visibility and ease of positioning the helicopter during flight.
The FBL Series Blades are optimized for Flybarless Helicopter.
Each pair of these blades is carefully and precisely balanced.

Technical specifications:
Length: 430mm
Width: 44mm
Root: 10mm
Hole: 3mm
Weight: 67g