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470L M2.5 Main Shaft Set

9,95 inc. Vat

●Use for T-REX 470L.

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

●Use for 470L M2.5 Belt Pulley Assembly Upgrade Set(H47H017XXT).
●Must use with 470L M2.5 Drive Gear Mount(H47G006XXT).
●It utilizes M2.5 screw to well secure the main shaft and main gear set assembly.

Set includes:

●470 Main Shaft x 2
●470 Main Shaft Spacer(Φ6.1xΦ9×0.1mm) x 1
●470 Main Shaft Spacer(Φ6.1xΦ9×0.2mm) x 1
●Socket Collar Screw(M2.5x12mm) x 2
●M2.5 Nut x 1
●470 Main Shaft Lock Ring(Φ8xΦ12.8×4.5mm) x 1


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