470LT Torque Drive Upgrade Set

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470LT Torque Drive Upgrade Set 68,95 inc. Vat
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●Highly reduce gear abrasion and increase power output gives more direct and precise flight performance and extraordinary tail performance. The new high intense Torque Tube allow to reduce gear abrasion and extend the gear lifetime value in extreme flight dynamics.
●Screw and fix the fixture on and modify the mainframe using rasp refer to the blue line instruction.
●Use with:
470LT Torque Tube(H47T026XXT)
470LT Tail Boom Mount Set(H47T024XXT)
470LT Torque Tube Rear Drive Gear Set(H47T028XXT)
Slant Thread Main Drive Gear/121T(H45156QAT)
104T Autorotation Tail Drive Gear(H47G009XXT)
470LT Main Drive Gear Mount(H47G010XXT)
470LT Main Gear Case Set(H47G011XXT)
470LT One-way Bearing Shaft(H47G012XXT)
●Must with:
470L M2.5 Main Shaft Set(H47H016XXT)

Set includes:

●470LT Torque Tube x 1
●470LT Tail Boom Mount Set x 1
●470LT Torque Tube Rear Drive Gear Set x 1
●Slant Thread Main Drive Gear/121T x 1
●104T Autorotation Tail Drive Gear x 1
●470LT Main Drive Gear Mount x 1
●470LT One-way Bearing Shaft x 1
●470LT Tail Torque Tube Unit x 1
●470LT Fixture for mainframe adjustment x 1