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DPSI Micro – RCS RV (Remote Control Switch – Regulated Voltage)

71,00 65,90 inc. Vat

Electronic ON/OFF transmitter controlled switch with voltage regulation. Infinitely adjustable switch point and switching direction.

Programmable deep discharge protection with automatic low-voltage cutoff as well as failsafe cutoff function for incorrect or missing receiver impulses.

Two optocouplers for separation of receiver and power circuitry.

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Operating voltage range4.8V … 14V
Nominal input voltage6.0V … 12V
Output voltage5.5V regulated
Quiescent current (switched off)<1µA
Quiescent current (switched on)approx. 6mA (consumer off) / approx. 17mA (consumer on, plus consumer)
Max. permanent current3A


Electronic switchyes, remote switch
Dual power supplyno
Voltage regulatoryes, to 5.5V
Battery monitoringyes
Charging socketno


  • Connection battery (Bat.In): JR plug, approx. 12cm (4.7in) cable
  • Receiver connection (Rec.) JR socket, approx. 37cm (14.57in) cable
  • Consumer connection (Out): JR socket, approx. 28cm (11in) cable

Application example

  • Ignition switch for engine driven airplanes,
  • switching of lighting systems,
  • switching of fuel pumps, …

Delivery contents

1 DPSI Micro RCS RV remote switch, 1 vibration insulator, 2 washers, 2 screws, 1 drilling template and 1 quick reference guide.


See a detailed documentation of the DPSI Micro RCS RV magnetic switch in the Hacker Motor Wiki.

Hint: Due to the safety functions of the DPSI Micro RCS HighSpeed servos (e. g. Futaba HS with 7ms pulse rate) will be detected as corrupt, switching on is not possible. That’s why a RCS will not work at HS outputs. The safety function detects an error when the pulse rate is smaller than 10ms.

Quick reference guide German, English

Connections, controls, indications / Voltage supply / Battery programming …


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