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Hobbywing XRotor 12A-Micro 1-4S 4in1

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Hobbywing XRotor 12A-Micro 1-4S 4in1 39,90 Original price was: €39,90.26,90Current price is: €26,90. inc. Vat
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Four integrated controllers on one board. Continuous current 4x12A, peak 4x18A. Integrated BEC 5V 1A. Weight 8g. Dimensions 38,1×37,9×5,3mm. Supported Oneshot 42, Oneshot 125, and Multishot modes.

High degree of integration

Xrotor 4in1 not only includes four controllers, but also an output power port for peripherals such as the control unit, camera, and telemetry port.

Reverse with TX

Easy to set direction of rotation by transmitter. This eliminates bouncing the already-wired / powered cables.

Quality components

The use of a high-performance 32-bit ARM processor (operating at 48MHz), high-quality MOFSETs and 6-layer PCBs ensures better heat dissipation, higher efficiency and very fast response.

DEO technology

Active braking – When the gas is thrown off, the engine slows down very quickly, allowing the pilot to “turn off” maneuvers, such as sharp turns, altitude changes, sharp stops, very precise. Efficiency in using engine power to extend flight time and reduce controller temperature.

Engine blocking protection

This function immediately stops the engine when the deadlock is detected. This reduces the destruction of the entire system, in the event of a collision.

Moisture resistant

The entire controller board and its components are treated with special nano technology, making it moisture resistant.

Use Multicopter
Type alternate
Number of channels 4
Continuous current [A] 12
Max. peak current [A] 18
LiXX cells 1-4
BEC voltage [V] 5
BEC current [A] 1
Length [mm] 38.1
Width [mm] 37.9″
Height [mm] 5.3
Weight [g] 8
Regulation one way
Programmable Yes