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Metal Tail Belt Unit / Black

24,95 inc. Vat

●Use for T-REX 250 / 250 SE

Only 1 left in stock

Set includes:

●Metal plate(L) x 1
●Metal plate(R) x 1
●Aluminum bolt x 1(Φ3.2×7.6mm)
●Tail gear mount x 1(Φ8.5×10.7×7.6mm)
●Metal Drive pulley(16T) x 1
●Metal Pulley cover x 2
●Tail rotor shaft x 1(Φ2x29mm)
●Bearing MR52ZZ x 2(Φ2xΦ5×2.5mm)
●Vertical stabilizer mount x 1(10.7×2.5mm)
●Socket button head screw x 1(0#x5mm)
●Socket button head screw x 1(0#x8mm)
●Socket button head screw x 6(0#x3mm)


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