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NEX6 Basic Kit

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Choose your set-up.

6S / 12S lipo or Nitro

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Height: 361mm
Width: 207mm
Length : 1185mm
Weight: 3100g +/-3%
Main Blades: 550 ~ 610mm
Main blade rotation diameter 1241~1361mm
Tail blade:  92~95mm
Tail rotation diameter: 256~262mm
Power System recommendation: Motor: 4025-850~1100kV,ESC: 120A


NEX6 Basic Kit(6S Electric Version) x 1 set

Required for operation

*Transmitter(6-channel or more,helicopter system)
*Receiver(6-channel or more)

*LiPo Battery: 6S 1P(22.2v 5000mAH)
*ESC: 120A or above recommended
*Motor: 4025-850~1100kV
*Flybarless System x1 pc
*CCPM Servo x 3pcs
*Tail Specialized Servo x 1pc
*Pinion Gear x 1pc

Can Be upgraded to Nitro or 12S setup

Nitro Upgrade 063601

Engine: OS50, OS55, YS60
Servo: STD(Torque 10Kg or above)
Main Blade Length: 550~610mm
Tail Blade Length: 92~95mm
Total Weight: 3100g +/-3%

12S Upgrade 063602

ESC: 130A or above
Lipo Battery: 12S 2.2V 3700mAH
Motor: 4025-500~520KV
Servo: STD(Torque 10KG or above)
Total Weight: 3700g +/-3%

Tools and Equipment for Assembly

*1.5 mm Hexagon Screw Driver
*2 mm Hexagon Screw Driver
*2.5 mm Hexagon Screw Driver
* Philips Screw Driver
* Lubricant / one-way bearing grease
* Spring calipers, Needle-nosed pliers
* General thread lock


NEX6 manual

NEX6 Option


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