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Reinforced Tires Type C2 (24mm)

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Excellent for use on grippy carpet surfaces.

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Reinforced Tires Type C2 (24mm) 19,90 Oorspronkelijke prijs was: €19,90.16,95Huidige prijs is: €16,95. inc. Vat
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These are slick rubber tires that are best suited for carpet circuits, or oily track surfaces. This new C2 compound is the replacement to the original Type C (Item 54256). It’s been developed to offer similar performance.

The tires feature integrated aramid fiber to ensure excellent grip, high endurance and consistent performance. Use with item #53434 Medium-Narrow Soft Inner Foams for technical circuits and #53435 Medium-Narrow Hard Inner Foams for high speed circuits.

NOTE:These tires have an “H” molded designation on the sidewall to denote the difference between the old “C” compound and the new “C2” compound. The old “C” compound has a “C” letter molded on the sidewall.

• These tires are excellent for use on grippy carpet surfaces, and facilitate smooth steering response.
• Inner mesh helps prevent deformation.
• Width: 24mm.


• Reinforced Tires Type C2 x2