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Robbe / Multiplex Bid-Key

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Robbe Multiplex 8888 POWER PEAK BID – Key 308888

BID system = B atterie- ID entifications system.

The unique ROXXY ® BID chip technology for ease of use on POWER PEAK ® chargers is in almost all ROXXY ® integrated as standard EVO battery.

Each battery is assigned a small, lightweight BID chip, which stores all relevant data of the battery for optimal and safe loading / unloading. To be charged or discharged, the BID chip and the battery with a BID battery charger to be connected. Now the BID system the POWER PEAK’s ® BID charger from the correct parameters.

The following load settings are stored in the BID chip / key:
– Battery type (NC, NiMH, Lilo, LiPo, LiFe, lead)
– Cell count
– Battery capacity
– Charging current
– Discharge
– Date (. Eg First commissioning)
– Delta Peak termination voltage
– shutdown

following data is stored with each loading process in the BID chip / key:
– Currently charged capacity
– Currently discharged capacity
– Maximum charged capacity
– Maximum discharged Kapzität
– Number of charging cycles

All to any batteries of different manufacturers with the ROXXY ® BID chips are equipped (# 308472).

– 1 BID key