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TT-02 Low Friction Suspension Ball (4pcs.)

8,50 inc. Vat

Compatible with the TT-02, TT-02R, TT-02RR, TT-02D, and TT-02FT chassis kits. / Can also be use on TT-01 chassis

Not compatible with TT-02B (Buggy kits)


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TT-02 Low Friction Suspension Ball (4pcs.) 9,00 8,50 inc. Vat
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These are low friction suspension balls that are designed to be used with the Tamiya TT-02 chassis. Compared to the standard plastic balls these are smoother and allow the suspension to move more freely.

• Low-friction material allows smoother suspension movement and improved performance.


Suspension Ball x4

Original suspension balls.                                                           Low friction suspension balls.

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